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Luxury Watch Winder Safe and Other Methods to Maintain Your Vintage Watch

Being able to maintain your watch collection is one of the keys to being a responsible collector. Besides major repairs, minor maintenance should be done by ourselves. This watch maintenance can be done through various methods. In this article, we have compiled some of them, including the use of a luxury watch winder safe.

General cleaning

Please keep in mind that vintage watches collect dead skin and sweat if you wear them all day. Unless you want to keep your wristwatches filthy, you should clean them regularly. Fortunately, unlike the watch winder safe box, watch cleaning is cheap and easy to do. The simplest thing that you can do is to grab a microfiber cloth. Use it to wipe the watch thoroughly to keep them free from dust and dirt.

You can also wash a vintage watch with a toothbrush and running water. Just scrub the back case and the area between the strap to clean your vintage watch properly.

Crystal polish

The aim of polishing a vintage watch is to remove any scratches and marks on the crystal. Most modern watches use scratch resistance crystals such as sapphire. However, most vintage watches are equipped with acrylic crystal or plastic, which are very prone to scratch. Fortunately, unlike luxury watch winder safe, watch crystal polish is cheap and easy to find.

You might want to consider changing crystal to eliminate this problem. However, we strongly advised you to not do it, since changing the original components of a vintage watch could potentially reduce its value.

Watch winder safe

After you have done all of the previous methods, now we can move on to how we should keep the watch. A watch winder safe is an excellent tool for this job. Watch winder provide protection against moisture and dust. Other than that, most modern watch winders are equipped with security measures to keep your watch free from burglars.

Not only that, a particular winder manufacturer such as Billstone provides some watch winder models that are resistant to fire. So, if you want to keep your watch wound while also being able to secure them, the watch winder safe box is the answer.

So, that’s all you can do to maintain your vintage watches on your own. The cheapest method is to give them regular cleanup. While the most expensive is to put your watches in a luxury watch winder safe. All of them are essential to keep your watches maintained. Do all of those steps, and your vintage watch is guaranteed to have a long-lasting life.

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